Starbucks VIA Instant

In a category usually foiled by suburban mom’s in pink bathrooms in sunlight kitchens, Starbucks VIA Instant set out to reach a different consumer. Primarily known as the product to seek when you couldn’t get to a cafe, VIA had reached its max capacity of growth. Aligning with it’s millennial target, Starbucks VIA Instant set out to define a new level of quality by bolding declaring it simply wasn’t your average instant. 

Its movement-inspired, declarative nature allowed the brand to elevate the experience of an instant coffee from space-aged coffee granules to a rich and delicious craft beverage. The result? A Beautiful, inspiring library of campaign assets and the TV + Print impressions to create awareness to a millennial audience inspired to hold their instant coffee to a higher standard. Watching this movement inspire social media content has been a great part of this journey. The last pieces show some influencer pieces created by a Brit + Co tastemaker feature.

For a digital experience, visit starbucks.com/via

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